The Wonderful and Terrible Habit of Buying Too Many Books

— так называется прекрасная статья, на которую я набрела прошлой ночью. Многие слова автора очень близки для меня. Мои книжные привычки такие же, как описывает в своей статье Гейб Хабаш. И хоть большинство из тех книг, что я покупаю, я всё же прочитываю, моя библиотека напоминает то, что он называл a library of mostly unread books.

Ниже я привожу отрывки статьи, которые показались мне наиболее интересными, остальное вы можете прочитать по ссылке выше.

In “Unpacking My Library,” Walter Benjamin shares this anecdote: And the non-reading of books, you will object, should be characteristic of all collectors? This is news to me, you may say. It is not news at all. Experts will bear me out when I say that it is the oldest thing in the world. Suffice it to quote the answer which Anatole France gave to a philistine who admired his library and then finished with the standard question, “And you have read all these books, Monsieur France?” “Not one-tenth of them. I don’t suppose you use your Sevres china every day?”

A library of mostly unread books is far more inspiring than a library of books already read. There’s nothing more exciting than finishing a book, and walking over to your shelves to figure out what you’re going to read next.


Libraries aren’t meant to be intractable, they’re meant to change, and they change by buying books. As long as I don’t trip over those piles of books on my floor and break my leg, it seems to me that having too many books on your hands is a pretty wonderful problem to have.


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