Новые книги лета 2016

Заметка-напоминание для себя. Какие интересные книги выходят этим летом:



The Girls by Emma Cline 

“The obsession with 1960s California cults comes to horrifying and electrifying life in this debut novel. While cults usually orbit charismatic men, Cline’s protagonist is teenage Evie, whose attraction to impossible-to-resist cool girls leads to her fate. This coming-of-age story about how the need to be validated can go very wrong hits that sweet spot of literary fiction that’s also compulsively readable»



The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley

“I’ve long been a fan of Tartarus Press, a small specialty publisher in the U.K. known for its high quality supernatural fiction. The Tartarus edition of The Loney, a first novel, received limited distribution in the U.S., but garnered praise from the likes of Stephen King (“It’s not just good, it’s great. An amazing piece of fiction”). Now a major American house is making this novel widely available. I’m curious to see what the excitement’s about».



Voyager: Travel Writings by Russell Banks

“In this compilation, the novelist reflects on a career of traveling and writing, eventually uncovering that for him the two practices are inextricably intertwined. Each of the essays introduces a place by first grounding the location—the Everglades, the Caribbean, Scotland, Dakar—in a deep historicism, and then watching the flawed narrator stumble through. In the title essay, as Banks makes a whimsical spiral throughout the islands of the Caribbean while courting his fourth wife, secrets and long-hidden desires come bubbling to the surface”



You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan

“Two authors I love, each alternating chapters in one book? Sign me up. LaCour (I’ll never get over how good her debut, Hold Still, is) and Levithan (editor and author extraordinaire) write about two friends dealing with relationship drama that unfolds over Pride Week in San Francisco. If this book is anything like the authors’ previous endeavors, I know it’ll be a great balance of honesty, authenticity, and humor”.

Лист книг и тексты позаимствованы с сайта: http://www.publishersweekly.com/

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